Jason Ward, Country Manager - Regional Projects, community engagement and the political environment in Ecuador

Benn Whistler, Technical Services Manager – 2019 drill programme

Eduardo Valenzuela, Study Manager – Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)

Santiago Vaca, Chief Geologist – Alapa project and surrounding communities

Steve Garwin, Chief Technical Advisor – Alpala deposit and geological systems

6 March 2016 - Spanish Company Presentation 

2016.02.25- BRR Media Hole 16 Audio Update with Nick Mather

22 February 2016- Benn Whistler and Jason Ward on the Aguinaga Prospect within the Cascabel Project.

12 February 2016- Nick Mather at Indaba 

9 February 2016 - Jason Ward - Carmen Road runs straight to the Project from Santa Cecelia increasing efficiency to and from Cascabel. 

25 February 2016 Proactive Investors- Nick Mather speaks with Proactive Investors

27 January 2016- Cascabel Exploration Summary with Benn Whistler

14 January 2016 - Nick Mather and the Cascabel Project

1 February 2016 -How does Cascabel Compare with Benn Whistler.

30 December 2016 - Corporate Video 10 minute overview of the Cascabel Project.