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Ecuador - Cascabel

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Regional Athletics Carnival Santa Cecelia Community Hall

November 2012 - preparation

January 2013 - Coffee Bean seedlings and further to the back Lemon seedlings

May 2013 - The second greenhouse with seedlings

Ground work preparing for a Nursery including 3 stages of greenhouse construction.

Stage 1: The first green house (450 m2) including a warehouse. This green house will be built with a detachable metallic structure and plastic roof. The budget includes tools, accessories, irrigation system, seeds, fertilizers, fungicides, etc. Production up to 35,000 plants. Destination of the plants: local farms.

Stage 2: A second green house of wooden structure with a polymer roof (saran/PDVC) to be built. Estimated production of 70,000 plants for reforestation.

Stage 3: Estimated production of 100,000 plants for commercial purposes with the objective of the nursery sustainability. 



Development of a Nursery with the engagement of an Agronomist to assist local communities with agriculture and reforestation.



May 2013 - Lemon, cacao & coffee beans are coming along. 





May 2013 - Cacao seedlings




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Queensland - Rannes, Mount Perry, Cracow West & Normanby Projects

 Rannes Trenching work  Rannes Trenching work - rehabilitated
 Rannes Trenching work  Rannes Trenching work - rehabilitated


Continung with Rehabilitation work: 

   Prior to drilling                     Drilling and rehabilitation       After drilling completed

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Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal JV and Fauro Projects

Community assistance payments in the Solomon Islands  have contributed to the establishment of churches, classrooms, medical (clinic) rooms and school fees for the villages within our project areas.

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