Current Presentations:

December 2015Cascabel, Northern Ecuador December 2015
1 December 2015Nick Mather Updates Investors and Shareholders on Cascabel 
1 December 2015Mines and Money London 2015
 October 2015Towards a World-Class Copper - Gold Development
27 August 2015Solgold Corporate Video
17 July 2015Noosa Mining Conference Presentation
 22 May 2015Latin America Down Under Presentation  
18-21 March 2015 PACRIM 2015 Congress - B,Rohrlach Presentation
2 March 2015 2015 PDAC Corporate Presentation


Past Presentations:

29 January 2015 Vancouver Mineral Exploration RoundUp - B. Rohrlach Presentation
29 January 2015 Vancouver Mineral Exploration Roundup Presentation Abstract
December 2014 SolGold A Hugh High Grade Copper Gold Discovery
September 2014 Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit
June 2014 SolGold Corporate Presentation
May 2014 Hong Kong Precious Metals Summit
May 2014 SolGold Corporate Presentation
March 2014 SolGold Corporate Presentation
February 2014 SolGold Corporate Presentation 
December 2013 SolGold Corporate Presentation
October 2013 SolGold Corporate Presentation
September 2013 SolGold Corporate Presentation
June 2013 SolGold Corporate Presentation
April 2013 SolGold Corporate Presentation
December 2012 SolGold Corporate Presentation
September 2012 SolGold Corporate Presentation
May 2012 SolGold Corporate Presentation
February 2012 Solomon Gold Corporate Presentation
December 2011 Solomon Gold Rannes Project Queensland Animation
December 2011 Solomon Gold CEO, Malcolm Norris, Presentation Mines & Money Australia Day
December 2010 Solomon Gold plc CEO, Nick Mather, Presentation at Mines and Money London 
June 2010 Solomon Gold plc "Rebuilt, Reinvigorated, Refocused-UK Minesite Presentations
June 2010 Solomon Gold plc "Growing Gold Resources in Queensland" 
November 2007 Solomon Gold plc November 2007 Upade
November 2006 Solomon Gold plc November 2006 Update
May 2006 Solomon Gold plc May 2006 Update


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2nd February 2016
Cascabel Exploration Update

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