2016 AIM Announcements


16-May-16Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 17 at Alpala Intersecting Very Strong Visible Copper Mineralisation
03-May-16Cascabel Exploration Update
29-Apr-16Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 16 Final Results 
25-Apr-16Cascabel Exploration Update
18-Apr-16Ecuadorean Earthquake
12-Apr-16Mineralisation at Surface Discovered 400M South of Alpala Creek
31-Mar-16Total Voting Rights 
30-Mar-16Cascabel Exploration Update Hole 14 Assay Results 
07-Mar-16Share Issues 
04-Mar-16Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 16 Progress
02-Mar-16SolGold at PDAC(RNS Reach)
25-Feb-16 Cascabel Exploration Update Hole 16 Progress
24-Feb-16Half Yearly Report
16-Feb-16Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 16 Progress


Cascabel Exploration Update

01-Feb-16BRR Presentation, Cascabel Geological Comparison- SolGold PLC (RNS Reach)
28-Jan-16BRR Presentation, Cascabel Exploration Summary - SolGold PLC (RNS Reach)
28-Jan-16Results of AGM


2015 AIM Announcements


10-Dec-15Cascabel Exploration - Results from Hole 13
09-Dec-15Cascabel Exploration - Trivino Discovery
08-Dec-152015 SOLG Annual Report - SolGold PLC
02-Dec-15Updated Corporate Presentation and BRR interview (RNS Reach)
01-Dec-15Total Voting Rights
27-Nov-15Results of Meeting 
23-Nov-15Ecuador and Australia to Sign Mining MOU  (RNS Reach)
19-Nov-15Placing and Share Issue 
04-Nov-15Noting of Geneal Meeting 
03-Nov-15Cascabel Exploration - Aguinaga Discovery
20-Oct-15Cascabel Exploration - Hole 12 Final Results
09-Oct-15Cascabel Exploration - Hole 12 Intersection Confirms Increased Breadth at Alpala Central
02-Oct-15Convertible Note Funding
01-Sep-15Hole 12 Continues to Intersect High Grade Target at Alpala Central
24-Aug-15Aguinaga Propect Rises as a Major Target in a Cluster of Porphyry Centres Identified at Cascabel 
19-Aug-15Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 12 Intersects Visual Copper Mineralisation
31-Jul-15Expiry of Options
29-Jul-15Video of Noosa Conference Presentation (RNS Reach)
27-Jul-15Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 12 Intersects Mineralised Diorite Porphyry & Rig 2 Mobilised to Site
09-Jul-15Cascabel Exploration Update - Commencement of Drilling at Hole 12
30-Jun-15Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 11 Final Assay Results 
18-Jun-15Expiry of Options 
05-Jun-15Cascabel Exploration Update - Assay Results for Upper Portion of Hole 11 Alpala Prospect, Cascabel Project
22-May-15Latin America Down Under Presentation (RNS Reach)
19-May-15Hole 11 Strong Copper Mineralisation Extends Rich Alpala Copper-Gold Zone at Cacasbel, Ecuador
18-May-15Resignation of Managing Director
14-May-15Letter to Shareholders (RNS Reach)
12-May-15Cascabel Exploration Update (Management and Strategy)
30-Apr-15Total Voting Right
10-Apr-15Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 11
09-Apr-15Results of Open Offer
01-Apr-15Hole CSD‐15‐011 to Commence at Cascabel
27-Mar-15Assay Results from Upper Zone in Hole 10 Confirm Strike Extension of High Grade Copper and Gold
25-Mar-15Advance on Open Offer Funding from DGR Global and Director Fee Conversion
19-Mar-15Open Offer Circular
18-Mar-15Open Offer
17-Mar-15New Corporate Video (RNS Reach)
12-Mar-15Hole 10 Continues to Intersect Visual Copper Mineralisation, Targeting Strike Extension of High Grade Zones in Hole 9
02-Mar-15Cascabel Hole 10 Progress
20-Feb-15Half Year Financial Report December 2014
02-Feb-15Hole 10 Commences - Targets Strike Extension of High Grade Zones in Hole 9
23-Jan-15Results of AGM
12-Jan-15Best Intersection to Date at Cascabel Project


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