It's our responsibility

At SolGold, we believe the company is a part of the community. We’re conscious of our impact on the environment and have developed different practises that allow us to work with a sustainable, environmentally minded approach. We recognise the importance of leading and promoting the highest principles and practices to ensure health and safety for our team onsite and within our wider community. 

We take pride in providing equal opportunities for employment.

Our goals are: 

  • Continue to make a strongly positive contribution to the local community; 
  • To have an injury and incident free workplace through ongoing commitment to best practices in Workplace Health and Safety
  • Provide medical assistance and training to both our employees and local community members
  • Rehabilitate the land and continue to improve and expand our reforestation initiatives
  • Develop and operate equal opportunities and policies for all staff

Community Relations

SolGold directly employs over 100 Ecuadorian locals (approximately 70% of the total workforce) and supports local businesses (restaurants, fish farms, rock quarries) where possible. The SolGold team is actively involved with the local people in the community by regularly supporting schooling and social events.

Contributing to Environmental Sustainability

SolGold has built a Community Plant Nursery and employs approximately 20 people from the local communities of Santa Cecila, Rocafuerte and Parambas, as well as 3 ENSA workers. In 2013, SolGold began stage 1 on constructing a nursery to house Agro-Forestry Plants to support the local communities. By 2015, plants grown onsite were distributed throughout the region to contribute to reforestation. Each year we produce close to 30,000 forest species. Upon delivery, our agricultural and horticultural professionals provide quality advice to farmers, provide basic education on good practises for sustainable agriculture and assist with planting. 

The team at SolGold have constructed and continue to maintain an in-house fish farm.  We regualarly monitor the waterways between the two villages that surround our tenement (including drill hole platform water) and monitor and sample the soil onsite at Cascabel.  

Health and Safety

SolGold employs two full time medical doctors, with 24-hour availability for employees and local community members. The SolGold doctors provide vaccinations, regular check-ups and treatment as well as advice on maintaining health. Safety is the number one priority onsite at Cascabel and the team at SolGold continuously work to ensure regular fire and evacuation drills are carried out, dangerous waste is properly labelled and managed at all times and the completion of monthly safety training to discuss risk factors and prevention measures within the working environment.  SolGold ensures employees wear protective clothing at all times during work hours.