23 June            TSX Listing Approval Granted

23 June            Exploration Update 

21 June            Holdings in Company

21 June            Cascabel Exploration Update 

19 June            Resignation of Director 

16 June            Capital Raising Update

13 June            Cascabel Exploration Update

30 May            Further Concessions Granted in Ecuador 

09 May            Holdings in Company (Tenstar) 

02 May            Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 23R Intersects Intense Copper Sulphide                                     Mineralisation

26 April           Holdings in Company (Rosseau) 

21 April           Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 21 at Hematite Hill assay results confirm 150m                          strike-extension at Alpala 

13 April            Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 23R, 24 and 25

11 April           Hole 22 extends the Alpala Central High Grade core approximately 200m closer to                             surface

04 April           Cascabel Exploration Update: Alpala Continues to Grow

31 March         Total Voting Rights

22 March         Holdings in Company

03 March         Appointment of Director

01 March         Issue of Equity

28 February     Total Voting Rights

27 February     Hole 21 Extends Alpala Strike by 200m to the Southeast

21 February     Issue of Equity

14 February     Exploration Update Hole 19 Results

07 February     Corporate Presentation

06 February      Interim Financial Report

03 February      Issue of Equity

02 February     Holdings in Company (Newcrest)

02 February     Exploration Update - Hole 18 Initial Assay Results

31 January       Issue of Equity & Total Voting Rights

17 January       Issue of Equity

09 January       New Corporate Video

04 January       Cascabel Exploration Update 


2016 AIM Announcements

22 December      Cascabel Exploration Update

05 December      SolGold enters the FTSE AIM UK 50

28 November      Attendance at London Mines & Money

24 November     Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 18 Intersecting Visibly Strong Copper                                        Mineralisation & 3 Rigs Drilling at Alpala

17 November      Issue of Equity

01 November      Total Voting Rights

18 October         New Drilling Contracts Signed & Drilling Underway

17 October         Newcrest Settlement and Share Issue Details

14 October         Maxit Capital Second Tranche Raising

13 October         Results of General Meeting

10 October         SolGold Receives Investment Proposal from BHP Billiton 

06 October         Dundee Capital Markets - Mr Ron Stewart (RNS) 

05 October         Mackie Research Site Visit Research Report (RNS) 

30 September      Total Voting Right

29 September      Holdings in Company

28 September       Letter to Shareholders

26 September       SolGold, Newcrest and Maxit Agree to USD33m Equity Raising in SolGold

22 September       Receipt of Superior Investment Proposal 

16 September       General Meeting 2016

09 September       Scott A. Caldwell Joins SolGold Board

31 August            Holdings in Company 

30 August            Conditional Agreement with Newcrest

26 August            Maxit Capital - First Tranche Raising Share Issue Details

25 August            Capital Raising Update

09 August            Ecuador Further Endorsed by Lundin Gold and Odin Mining

01 August            Revised Term Sheet Private Placement to Raise up to US36.5m

20 July                 Upgrade of Cascabel Hole 17 Assay Results 

18 July                 Expiry of Options 

12 July                Cascabel Yields a Further World Class Intersection in Hole 17, Extensions to the                                Alpala Deposit Upwards

08 July                Execution of Term Sheet for Private Placement of Ordinary Shares

06 July                Cascabel's True Potential Begins to Emerge

30 July                Alpala Deposit Extended by Long Intersections in Hole 15R2

10 July                Cascabel Exploration Update

16 May               Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 17 at Alpala

03 May               Cascabel Exploration Update

29 April              Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 16 Final Results

25 April              Cascabel Exploration Update

18 April              Ecuadorean Earthquake

12 April              Mineralisation at Surface Discovered 400m South of Alpala Creek

31 March  Total Voting Rights

30 March            Cascabel Exploration Update Hole 14 Assay Results

07 March            Share Issues

04 March            Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 16 Progress

02 March            SolGold at PDAC (RNS Reach)

25 February        Cascabel Exploration Update Hole 16 Progress

24 February        Half Yearly Report

16 February        Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 16 Progress

02 February        Cascabel Exploration Update

01 February        BRR Presentation, Cascabel Geological Comparison- SolGold PLC (RNS Reach)

28 January          BRR Presentation, Cascabel Exploration Summary - SolGold PLC (RNS Reach)

28 January          Results of AGM



10-Dec-15   Cascabel Exploration - Results from Hole 13

09-Dec-15   Cascabel Exploration - Trivino Discovery

08-Dec-15   2015 SOLG Annual Report - SolGold PLC

02-Dec-15   Updated Corporate Presentation and BRR interview (RNS Reach)

01-Dec-15   Total Voting Rights

27-Nov-15   Results of Meeting

23-Nov-15   Ecuador and Australia to Sign Mining MOU(RNS Reach)

19-Nov-15   Placing and Share Issue

04-Nov-15   Noting of General Meeting 

03-Nov-15   Cascabel Exploration - Aguinaga Discovery

20-Oct-15   Cascabel Exploration - Hole 12 Final Results

09-Oct-15   Cascabel Exploration - Hole 12 Intersection Confirms Increased Breadth at Alpala                             Central

02-Oct-15   Convertible Note Funding

01-Sep-15    Hole 12 Continues to Intersect High Grade Target at Alpala Central

24-Aug-15   Aguinaga Prospect Rises as a Major Target in a Cluster of Porphyry Centres Identified                       at Cascabel

19-Aug-15  Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 12 Intersects Visual Copper Mineralisation

31-Jul-15    Expiry of Options

29-Jul-15    Video of Noosa Conference Presentation (RNS Reach)

27-Jul-15    Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 12 Intersects Mineralised Diorite Porphyry & Rig 2                    Mobilised to Site

09-Jul-15   Cascabel Exploration Update - Commencement of Drilling at Hole 12

30-Jun-15   Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 11 Final Assay Results

18-Jun-15   Expiry of Options

05-Jun-15   Cascabel Exploration Update - Assay Results for Upper Portion of Hole 11 Alpala                              Prospect, Cascabel Project

22-May-15   Latin America Down Under Presentation (RNS Reach)

19-May-15  Hole 11 Strong Copper Mineralisation Extends Rich Alpala Copper-Gold Zone at                             Cacasbel, Ecuador

18-May-15  Resignation of Managing Director

14-May-15  Letter to Shareholders (RNS Reach)

12-May-15  Cascabel Exploration Update (Management and Strategy)

30-Apr-15   Total Voting Right

10-Apr-15   Cascabel Exploration Update - Hole 11

09-Apr-15   Results of Open Offer

01-Apr-15   Hole CSD‐15‐011 to Commence at Cascabel

27-Mar-15   Assay Results from Upper Zone in Hole 10 Confirm Strike Extension of High Grade                         Copper and Gold

25-Mar-15   Advance on Open Offer Funding from DGR Global and Director Fee Conversion

19-Mar-15   Open Offer Circular

18-Mar-15   Open Offer

17-Mar-15   New Corporate Video (RNS Reach)

12-Mar-15   Hole 10 Continues to Intersect Visual Copper Mineralisation, Targeting Strike                                   Extension of High Grade Zones in Hole 9

02-Mar-15   Cascabel Hole 10 Progress

20-Feb-15   Half Year Financial Report December 2014

02-Feb-15   Hole 10 Commences - Targets Strike Extension of High Grade Zones in Hole 9

23-Jan-15   Results of AGM

12-Jan-15   Best Intersection to Date at Cascabel Project


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